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From: ShadowLord (
Date: 05/11/96

On Sat, 11 May 1996, Brian Pape wrote:

> > --[WARNING: Topic Change]--
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> > part in pkilling), and to more realistically change the person's
> > alignment.  I think when you give money to beggars your alignment should
> > increase, etc.
> Good idea, we try to implement quite a few alignment changing things,
> otherwise it becomes tough to keep a certain alignment through the normal
> actions that would reflect your type of character.

	Could you perhaps give a small list of what you have changing
alignment?  I can see things like prayer, helping beggars, killing good
people, casting helpful spells on people, etc. but I'm not quite certain
of what else.

> you could just use the numbers, giving you flexibility and more fineness
> of control, then just map a certain range (-1000 to -700 = demonic) for
> instance.  Or actually, this is probably what you mean, you mean just not
> displaying 'You alignment is 387'...  I like that...  Consider it stolen
> ;-)

	You failed to address one of points, which was religions.
Alignment being relative to the particular religions, what's "good" to
religion X may not be "good" to religion Y.
	As for the "finess" and "flexibility" of the numbers, I have a
slight problem with it.  I don't think someone should be "chaotic good"
(just below 'neutral good' and above 'neutral') should remain chaotic good
after they kill a good person; using -1000 to 1000 means that player Y can
probably kill a few 'neutral good' people before he actually drops below

> No, stop right there...  You have apparently discovered the meaning of the
> list!  Don't apoligize, people might think there was something wrong with
> your post.

	D'oh, sorry.  I keep doing that every month or so...  my
apologies, let the flaming continue... :P

Good luck,
   DAniel Koepke

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