Re: Pkilling,fate points Ideas wanted

From: Frag (
Date: 05/11/96

> Well The big decission for most muds is to allow Pkilling or not and if so
> allow pkilling to what degree.  I have also seen muds where a player starts
> out with a set number of fate points and has a small percent chance of
> gaining fate points when they level.  Each time you die you lose a fate
> point, when you have no fate points you are permanently dead.  This poses
> the problem that pkillers can essentially delete a char by repeatedly
> killing him.  I have considered having a grace period after losing a fate
> point, during which even if you die you will not lose a fate point.  Then I
> got this crazy idea, what if i change the fate points around, A player will
> lose a fate point each time they pkill.  That way pkilling should not become
> rampant, but heck if a player thinks your worth a fate point he'll kill ya.
> I could even see quests for a fate point, these pkillers all fighting each
> other just to be able to kill one more time.
> Just wondering if anything similar to this has been done, and if so how has
> it worked out.
> Thanks
> Vain

One idea I think "subdues" the need to pkill is make a pk room flag, where by if
someone kills a player in that room they ill not get pk flag, and you can also
controll as to what punishment or what ever (exp etc wise).. I have developed
this idea into a type of battle ground, where players can kill other players 
for exp (very very limited), neither player dies as such but does have 
"battele" ground stats etc...

Just a Thought



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