Pkilling,fate points Ideas wanted

From: David Blocher (
Date: 05/09/96

Well The big decission for most muds is to allow Pkilling or not and if so
allow pkilling to what degree.  I have also seen muds where a player starts
out with a set number of fate points and has a small percent chance of
gaining fate points when they level.  Each time you die you lose a fate
point, when you have no fate points you are permanently dead.  This poses
the problem that pkillers can essentially delete a char by repeatedly
killing him.  I have considered having a grace period after losing a fate
point, during which even if you die you will not lose a fate point.  Then I
got this crazy idea, what if i change the fate points around, A player will
lose a fate point each time they pkill.  That way pkilling should not become
rampant, but heck if a player thinks your worth a fate point he'll kill ya.
I could even see quests for a fate point, these pkillers all fighting each
other just to be able to kill one more time.
Just wondering if anything similar to this has been done, and if so how has
it worked out.

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