Re: Pkilling,fate points Ideas wanted

Date: 05/10/96

On Thu, 9 May 1996, David Blocher wrote:

> Well The big decission for most muds is to allow Pkilling or not and if so
> allow pkilling to what degree.  I have also seen muds where a player starts
> out with a set number of fate points and has a small percent chance of


> Thanks
> Vain

In my not so many years playing muds I have seen several different 
stances on P-killing.  The major ones are as follows:

(1) absolutely no player killing --
    this is nice for newbies because they don't have to worry about a rogue
    player beating up on them.  However there are times when a player is 
    being a complete jerk that it would be nice to lop off their head.
    Usually the first P-kill results in a warning and the second, your 
    char is removed.

(2) limited player killing --
    I've seen this implemented in several ways.  Many of the muds i have 
    visited have had an arena of some sort where players could challenge each
    other.  The implication of the resulting fight varies.  Others allow 
    player killing within a range of levels.  The most fair I have found 
    tends to be 1 level higher or lower.

(3) free for all --
    These are fine and dandy if you are a higher level player, or make   
    powerful friend fast.  Hard on newbies.

Being in the middle of constructing my own mud, I am in a delimma about
whether or not to allow player killing and if I do, in what amount.  
Looking at the suggestion of giving a player a certain number of "fate" 
points and taking away points for each p-kill seems like a very nice 
solution.  There are, however, some questions to answer, such as:  Can a 
player earn back fate points, can a player find out how many points 
he/she/it still has, etc.

Just my $.02

Sarek of Krynn


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