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From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/10/96

On Fri, 10 May 1996 wrote:

> That's it...we need this list moderated, as we can see
> from the recent series of posts from/regarding a certain
> When that many posts are just silly banter between 
> even sillier people, it's time for a change. Any volunteers?

	I agree totally. The posts seemed to be little more then the 
whinings of my 4 year old son.
	I am not really flaming him, just stating a simple fact. And 
there IS something to nettiquette. I don't have the problems of how much 
E-Mail I can recieve, but I HATE seeing bandwidth wasted with taglines 
like that. They are cute once, but they get REAL old quick.

> P.S. Does anyone know how objects could be made damageable? I'm 
> thinking I could make them mobs and supress their combat messages, but 
> I'm not too sure about that one...

	Ok, here is an idea. How about adding a "hit point" variable to 
the object(s) in question, and damage done to the PERSON would ALSO be 
done to, say armor, shield, and weapon (and "healing" done at a weapon 
a/o armor shop with a "fix" or "mend" command. (price would be something 
like 1/2 normal price -5% of the cost / 10% of the damage done to the 
	So for example, a sword with a HP of rating of 100 is involved in 
a combat where it takes 25 points of damage. Taking it in to have it 
repaired would cost 1/2 * (full price) - 90%, so that if the item cost 
100 coins, it would be 50 - 45, or 5 coins to repair. Optionally a 
whetstone could be used (say 1% repai / tick to a max of 10% repair per 
	This is just an idea, and there is no code because I don't code. 
I build.

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