Re: Newbie: Questions

From: Frag (
Date: 05/11/96

> 2. Adding spells: what am I missing? I've added to spells.c, spells.h,
> spell_parser.c, and class.c to tell which class can use it, but it still
> doesn't show up on the prac list.

I know that unaffects for spells are in constants.c, but i was pretty sure
that spell_praser.c had the spell names for prac.. Oh well :)
Either way you will need to edit constants.c and the text fro spells
ie hwat happens if it hits misses kills etc.. thats in libs/misc/messages

 recommend you just do a grep for fireball (lower case ehhe) and that should    
tell u whare it is :)
(only showed spell_praser.c for me ?)

Neway hope that helps


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