Re: Newbie: Questions

From: Chris Dodd (
Date: 05/11/96

Hi all,

Okay, I have seen this mentioned a couple of times, but I thought
I would add this as well, just to make sure people just starting
out have some idea of a helpful and simple thing.

Use grep if you are adding something and dont know what to do.
Even if you are adding something which might be totally new,
think about what you are doing for a second.  Think of anything
already coded that is similar or almost identical to what you
want to do.  For example, someone asked about adding spells,
and what they forgot.  Well, I am sure you know of a few spells
off the top of your head.  So grep for them.  I usually do this
(with no .o files laying around...).  Grep THING  * &> filename, and
grep thing * &> filename.  You have to remember that grep is, of course,
So for checking on adding new spells, something like this works well:  
        grep fireball * &> fire1
        grep FIREBALL * &> fire2

I am sure there is an easier way to use grep, but that seems to work.  Oh,
and the * signifies checking all files in the directory. If you want to check
all .c, just use *.c, and for .h files, *.h.  Just remember that most new things
are in both types of files.

Sorry if this was too simplistic for most people here, but I thought if 
people always did this when they were thinking, it would make it a lot easier
for them to figure stuff out.  Also, not everyone knows how to use Unix well,


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