Re: Freeze

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 05/11/96

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Michael A. Clubine wrote:

>   else if (PLR_FLAGGED(ch, PLR_FROZEN) && GET_LEVEL(ch) < LVL_IMPL)
>     send_to_char("You try, but the mind-numbing cold prevents you...\r\n", ch);

	Change the above code to something like:

  else if (PLR_FLAGGED(ch, PLR_FROZEN) && GET_LEVEL(ch) < LVL_IMPL &&
           !CMD_IS("quit") && !CMD_IS("save"))
    send_to_char("You try, but the mind-numbing cold prevents you...\r\n",ch);

	An alternative would be similar to what I did on my MUD.  Commands
have flags which determine their behavior and do other special processing
with them (so I don't have to do the old "one_argument(argument, arg);"
then find the 'victim' every single time I want to write a skill.  I got
it to the point where I can just write most of the main part of my
commands instead of bothering with preambles.  It wasn't the easiest thing
in the world to code, but it offers a world of flexibility to commands and
makes skills, etc. much easier to write -- many damage skills don't even
have functions to them any more...  And now if I want to make a command be
usable even when frozen I just flag it as CMD_IGN_FREEZE or something like
that and done.  Sadly, the code is far too integrated with the rest of my
MUD, so I can't just give you a patch.  It's something to think about
doing, though.

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