IDEAS: Alignment (and a quick newbie C question)
Date: 05/12/96

First of all I would like to ask a quick question.  I have heard much 
discussion about adding > 32 (or is it 31 now?) flags to the code.  
Although my mud hasnt reached the point where i have to worry about this 
yet, I am sure it will.  I have also heard a few poeple suggest changing 
to a long to add more room.  Am I misunderstanding this or is that true 
and if it is that simple why doesn't everyone change it?  Is it because 
it uses more memory or something?  I would appreciate if someone could 
explain this to me.  ( And I did look in a couple C books before asking. )

Next, I have been considering completely changin alignment because mostly 
I find the current system too narrow.  As someone mentioned before what 
may be "evil" to one group could be perfectly normal to another culture.
I am considering using an alignment system like that of AD&D and making 
alignment changes based on shifts.  For example, a charcater would have 3 
values and an alignment.  The values would be Moral and Law.  A character 
would lose or gain Moral and Law based on their actions i.e. if they gave a 
beggar gold they would gain moral and if they killed something they may lose 
moral and if it was unlawful to kill they would lose law also. Each time one 
of the values reached 0 or 100 the alignment of the character would shift. For 

Bob's alignment is Chaotic Good.  His Moral rating is at 3 and his Law 
rating is at 0 (he is already chaotic so unless he gains law he remains 
chaotic as it is the lowest rating).  He kills an innocent person and 
loses 5 Moral which makes his good restart at 100 - 2 = 98 and his 
alignment shifts to Chaotic Nuetral(nuetral next level down from good).

Alignment shifts would also carry some kind of penalty and affect which 
spells a character could/could not cast (this would affect all charcaters 
since my mud is multiclassed).

I would like any critiques, suggestions, praise or flames (but if its a 
flame please send it privately :).


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