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From: Barid Bel Medar (
Date: 05/12/96

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Chris Dodd wrote:

> Hi all,
> Well, this is not newbie :)  Just a question/idea message.
> Basically, has anyone out there scrapped banks?  I did not
> like the idea of them, so was contemplating putting in a
> usury notes instead.  My idea was to have the keeper(usurer)
> sell the notes.  The note has a vnum on it, of course.  If
> you take the note to the same person, he gives you the value
> of it, but if you take it to say, another town, you get a much
> lower value.  Probably have to add more code so that the note
> gets face value at one shop, but not another.

Well, if you want to make it really interesting, add a file called 
economy.c that changes the current going rates for the various currencies 
as compared to each other.  This way, your players can make a profit just 
by selling different materials at different times.

Anyway...  define a home bank for each currency, have it go for face 
value there, but different rates at all the other banks.  Just add a bank 
bit for the rooms, and for the currency item an affect that defines the 
vnum of the home bank.  If you do it that way, you might even be able to 
have multiple home banks.

You can also have moneychangers work this way, too (instead of banks, if 
you want), so they can rip off the players and give your character the 
profits at the end of each day.  That'd be pretty cool, actually.  Maybe 
I'll make a moneychanger guild.

> Anyone done something like this, and if so, how was it received
> by the players.
> Chris

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