NEWBIE??: unterminated character constant

From: Chris Dodd (
Date: 05/14/96

Hi all,

I typed up a bunch of new code in magic.c today,
and it was going fine until I compiled once and the
following error popped up. 

gcc -DLINUX -c -O3 -m486 -ggdb -Wall magic.c
magic.c:3160: unterminated character constant
make: *** [magic.o] Error 1

Here is the snippit.  Also, I did not edit this statement
at all, and it worked and compiled around 15 minutes before...

        if ( !(obj = get_obj_in_dark (ch, buf, ch->inv)) ) {
                act ("You can't find that.", FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_CHAR);

The act statement is 3160.

Now I have had these errors before, but I really dont see it this time.
Am I missing something.  I did add a bunch of code to magic.c today,
and have been going through it looking for typos and all.  What could
I have done when I entered code that made this error crop up?

Thanks in advance, and hope this is not too newbie :)


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