Re: NEWBIE??: unterminated character constant
Date: 05/14/96

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Chris Dodd wrote:

> gcc -DLINUX -c -O3 -m486 -ggdb -Wall magic.c
> magic.c:3160: unterminated character constant
> make: *** [magic.o] Error 1
> Now I have had these errors before, but I really dont see it this time.
> Am I missing something.  I did add a bunch of code to magic.c today,
> and have been going through it looking for typos and all.  What could
> I have done when I entered code that made this error crop up?

	The "unterminated character constant" thing is always annoying 
because it's deceiving you with the line number.  Go into the code you 
added and make sure you have matching quotation marks so that no string 
is left unterminated.  Especially note that it'll most likely be the last 
string used between there and line 3160.

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