Re: Newbie C questions

From: Mark McArthey (
Date: 05/14/96

As much as you talk about flaming and your desire to return the list
to its roots, you definately contribute more than your share to the
Try ignoring it for a while and see if the list quiets down.  
I'm betting it will.


On Tue, 14 May 1996, Raistlin Majere wrote:


> it?  I don't recall any newbie EVER forceing me to read his mail.  Then
> again my will power is a little higher then most of yours.  Now I know


> something which is > more or less precious to people.  I agree with
> this, there are some very stupid people out there that should open there
> eyes before talking.  Bandwidth!  HAHA!  Precious, don't hurt the
> bandwidth, HAHA! 


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