Re: FLAME: Ignore (ance)

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 05/14/96

"John C. A. Bambenek, Esq." <> wrote:

>Alright listen, I am sick of this list and all (most) of you egocentric 
>bastards on this list.  For your information I happen to be a very 
>talented coder, for those that said I should buy a book on C (please note 
>I never posted any coding questions.)  I am just disappointed to see that 
>there are such hig and mighty people who think that they should not have 
>to waste there precious time helping others, but they waste their time in 
>flaming others who have simple questions.  This frankly makes me sick.

I am tempted to reply simply: "Get the fuck of the list if you don't
like it", but since that's how this whole sorry thread started in the
first place, I'll resist the temptation.

You have now made your point in a mature manner, rather than just an
inflammatory comment.  My original post was just to agree with someone
who said that this is probably not the ideal forum for basic C
questions and who then went on to recommend a good book on C.
No flames there.  Just opinions and advice.

So before you start accusing others of wasting time in flaming,
remember who it was that started this little fire.


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