wouldya help me please? =o)

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (pira@dcc.unicamp.br)
Date: 05/15/96

I have this little problem of a fu** lagging site, and I can't reach the mud src's.
As my root made shit to the disk and I got some files screwed up when saving...
Can anyone please send me an objsave.c file? uuencoded or something like...
I do need it =o)
I'm running 3.0bpl10
and if you so gentle could you please send me patch 10-11?
I know I asked too much now... I know...
but please can someone send me an objsave.c???????

ah! and a problem. I raised levels a long time ago up to 211... guess what!
my mud sometimes k-putts if you type levels =o)
it kputts near 100, or so. and I does not seems to happen everytime =o)



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