Random things

From: Mark Mc Arthey (mcarthey@execpc.com)
Date: 05/16/96

Once again, Hi, 

In an effort to get away from all experience gained from merely the 
hack n' slash, I am thinking about designing a number of items that 
would, upon finding them and completing a series of steps, also give
experience.  The items themselves would be reward for the effort of
finding them.  The problem is that after an item is found, I would like
to regenerate some information about the item and also the location
where it was found.  I would like to do this instantly upon finding
the item, and keep the infomation just generated to remain until the
next set of circumstances are met.  Specifically, I would like to change
item descriptions, and randomly generate a room location.

Is there a resource I could look at to get some information on this, 
or does anyone have any tips on how this could be accomplished?

Thanks much,


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