Re: Random things

From: Wout Mertens (
Date: 05/20/96

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Mark Mc Arthey wrote:

> finding them.  The problem is that after an item is found, I would like
> to regenerate some information about the item and also the location
> where it was found.  I would like to do this instantly upon finding
> the item, and keep the infomation just generated to remain until the
> next set of circumstances are met.  Specifically, I would like to change
> item descriptions, and randomly generate a room location.

set a static variable(s) in a function you will use to check whatever you 
want to check about the items. In that var you put whatever info you 
want. It will be the same the next time(s) you call the function.


Gekke Eekhoorn of BUG.

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