Re: Q: Newbie: Mobprog's act_trigger

From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/20/96

On Mon, 20 May 1996, Ken kuhlman wrote:

> I've been playing around with mobprogs, and can't seem to
> figure out how to get act_trigger to work. For example getting
> a fido to growl at someone who pokes it would go:
> >act_prog p pokes you in the ribs.
>    growl $n
> ~
> |

	Try this instead:
>act_prog p pokes you in the ribs~
   growl $n

	Note the ~ after ribs. This (like the ~ after growl) are very 
importiant to the reading of the MOBProgram information. Also, I have 
found that using the trigger >in_file_prog {file_name.prg}~ is a FAR more 
effective and more useable system (you can simply change file_name.prg and
upload a new one to /usr/bin/circle/lib/world/prg and at reboot you have
updated ALL of the mobs using the MOBProgram file_name.prg without having
to re-work the .mob files (which are always bigger).
	Also by splitting the MOBProgram files away from the .mob files 
you are making it easier. For example you have 8 versions of a very similar
MOB (let's say a goblin of some type) and you want them to share a similar
trait (say if the opponent is level => 25 they wet themselves) so a single
.prg file could look like:
>act_prog p enters the room~
   if isnpc($n)
     if level>=25
       emote wets his lion cloth in fear.
       emote nervously says "Begone fool! We are the powerful Goblins!"
     glare $n

	Call it goblin.prg and add this to the bottom (right below the 
position and sex flags):
>in_file_prog goblin.prg~
	If you had another one for the leader, his could look like:
>in_file_prog goblin.prg~
>in_file_prog leader.prg~
	Making it a WHOLE lot easier to work with. (I got MOBPrograms to 
work, can you tell? ) Just a few suggestions is all.

> When you poke the damn beast, though, it just sits there; the mp 
> handler function never gets called.
> I'm running pl11 and grabbed the mobprogs off of
> While they're designed for pl8, they went in fairly cleanly and 
> from reviewing the patchfile I don't think the pl diff is the
> problem.  Has anyone gotten this part of mobprogs to work? Did you
> have to add some things to 
> Everytime I think I've figured it out, it gets away from me. Even
> a backtrace of a successful act_trigger would be helpful.

	Happened to all of us on MOBPrograms. The docs I bet are the 
cause of most of the problems, and someone has (if memory serves 
correctly) modified them and sent new ones to the ftp site.

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