Q: Newbie: Mobprog's act_trigger

From: Ken kuhlman (kkuhlman@shemp.3stooges.com)
Date: 05/19/96

I've been playing around with mobprogs, and can't seem to
figure out how to get act_trigger to work. For example getting
a fido to growl at someone who pokes it would go:
>act_prog p pokes you in the ribs.
   growl $n
When you poke the damn beast, though, it just sits there; the mp
handler function never gets called.
I'm running pl11 and grabbed the mobprogs off of ftp.circlemud.org.
While they're designed for pl8, they went in fairly cleanly and 
from reviewing the patchfile I don't think the pl diff is the
problem.  Has anyone gotten this part of mobprogs to work? Did you
have to add some things to act.social.c? 

Everytime I think I've figured it out, it gets away from me. Even
a backtrace of a successful act_trigger would be helpful.

-Kahar of YAMSD (Yet Another Mud Still in Development)

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