MUD Chat

From: Christopher Busch (
Date: 05/20/96

This was the NPC chat system that I developing last summer that some of 
you may remember.

This is for MERC muds but I hope that you guys can easily convert it to 
Circle Muds.


MUD Chat - MUD add in product

Would you like to have your NPCs have intelligent and realistic conversions
with your MUD players?  Now you can with MUD chat!  Currently the code is
setup to work with MERC v2.2 muds but can easily be changed to work with
other muds.  You must see it to believe it.

The code is free to use and I developed it for a MERC mud that I was

You can download the .tar.gz file from:

If you have any questions please email me directly at

Since I have recently graduated from UMD my mainframe account will be shut
down in early June, so hurry.  If someone could please put that tar file on
their ftp/www site, that would be great. Please email me if you do that.

Christopher G Busch

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