Re: NEWBIE: messing with the CON_xxxx states in interpreter.c

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 05/20/96

> the below race_help_menu but as soon as the character tries to choose a
> race the entire mud freezes up.
>       SEND_TO_Q(race_help_menu[load_result], d);
>       SEND_TO_Q("\r\nAre you sure you want to choose this race? (yes/no)
> [yes]  ", d);
>       gets(ans);
>       if(!str_cmp(ans, "no")) {

You're using gets(), which is halting the entire muds till they enter
their input...  create a new CON_xxx flag if you wish, such as
CON_CONFIRM_RACE, and use the `arg' var in the nanny function...

Reign of Towers

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