Re: Unknown Apply ...

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 05/21/96

On Tue, 21 May 1996, Brian Christopher Guilbault wrote:

> SYSERR: Unknown apply adjust attempt - handler.c
> I'm not sure that is the exact syntax, but it is close to that. I have 
> looked through the code and I know WHY the error is written. It is logged 
> when some affect bitvector isn't valid on an item. I am getting LOTS of 
> them and am wondering if anyone knows an easier way to track them down 
> then to load only a few objects at a time from the zone in question. What 
> I've been doing is booting the game with only the guilty zone file, then 
> rebooting with only about 10 objs, then using process of elimination to 
> find the guilty obj. Once I do that I have to remove all bits, then add 
> them one-by-one, rebooting every time until I find the guilty one.

	You'll never find it that way because of the fact that the SYSERR
is caused by a bad APPLY_xxx bit being passed.  The APPLY_ has several
valid ones (and some that are simply ignored APPLY_LEVEL, ...), if you
give a number over the highest APPLY_ or under the lowest APPLY_ then it
hits the 'default' check in the CASE statement which logs this error.
	(that's how I think it goes, anyway)

	And a better way would be to change the log statement to log the
name of the object.

  sprintf(buf, "SYSERR: %s has invalid apply.", obj->short_description);

	Or however it would go (my Circle is far from stock and I don't
make a habit of looking back on the stock code ...), if obj is even passed
to whatever the hell that function is [I'm determined to win the Vague
Award].  Anyway, look it up in handler.c by searching for APPLY_, then see
if the 'log'ged error passed in the 'default' case is the same, and if it
is, then start logging the object name (maybe it'd be better to log the

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