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From: David A. Carver (
Date: 05/22/96

->As far as mobprograms go, yeah they are nice, and yes it's very very
->convienent to make mobs do nifty things, but as far as use... it's a bitch
->on the system running and interpreting the mobprograms, and uses a lot of
->memory (well not a LOT, but still every byte counts). If you know anything
->about coding you can do mob programs with spec mobs. One trillion times
->faster and usuaslly a bit more stable.

Yes, Spec_Procs are nice and decidedly faster than the scripting of 
MobProgs, but the problem with them is that must recompile the MUD to 
assign them to a mobile (unless you use the spec proc assignment code that 
was distributed earlier on the list).  I personally think a nice balance 
between MobProgs and Spec Procs would be the ideal situation.  I know I'd 
rather let my builders beable to assign some actions to a Mob quick and 
easy.  This gives them the advantage of being able to have their mobs do 
some stuff, without waiting for me to assign it in the code and recompile 
the mud.

Again, it all comes down to personal preference, cpu usage, memory, blah 
blah blah....

My personal prefrence is to have MobProgs for some small simple scripts, 
and anything major should go into a Spec Proc.

Speaking of MobProgs, has anyone added the ability to Obuild to assign 
MobPrograms On-line, and the have them linked to the assigned mob at 

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