Mob Programs

From: Christopher Nicodemus (
Date: 05/31/96

This prog is not working
newbie monster~
the newbie monster~
The newbie monster stands here looking confused.  Kill him!  Kill him!
What an odd looking little beast.  He looks harmless, but you never can
tell.  He is only about 4 feet tall, but he pretty muscular looking...
maybe you should ask if he needs help?  Nah... kill him.
68 0 0 S
2 19 9 2d4+16 1d4+1
250 400
8 8 1
>rand_prog 90~
if rand(50)
	say Hey $r, do you know what 'you are standing' means?
The newbie never says Hey $r, do you know what 'you are standing' means?
but when I remove the if rand(50) he says it every time.
why doesn't he say it with the if rand(50) ?

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