Re:Win95 Circle3.0 build 11

From: Gerry Smith (
Date: 05/31/96

Tarot wrote:
> My questions:
> Is there a way to capture the syslog to disk?  Right now the syslog echos to
> the window and as it scrolls up is lost.  I same question for the crash log.

Working on this myself... will post something if I get it to work.

> Is there a way to add errorlevels to the shutdown command?  This would be
> for using a batch file to keep the mud running.

I used a batch file for mine. I placed mud.bat in the startup group. Here's mud.bat:

e:			<-- Change to the drive in question
cd \mud			<-- to the mud dir
src\circle.exe		<-- call the .exe
mud.bat			<-- When exe exits, re-run this batch file

If you have a reference for DOS, you will find that you can use errorlevels in batch files. This way, you could 
 trap error levels to do specific things, and still fire the mud back up. I'm not sure of the syntax for DOS 
errorlevels in batch files. As far as adding error-levels to the source code, (and I am NOT a coder by any 
stretch of the imagination) I'd look in the ACMD for shutdown.... Anyway, with my batch file, if I am using 
offline building and want to load new edits, this requires a shutdown and restart. I log in and use the 
shutdown command and within 10 seconds the mud is back up (your mileage varies- I have a P120 with 4.5 gigs of 
HD and 32 megs of ram). As long as I remember to give any connected players a few minutes notice, things are 
pretty happy.


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