cron(tab) used to autolaunch the MUD

From: Con (
Date: 05/23/96

Hi all.

Neither I, nor my site admin is very intelligent, so I thought I could 
try and see, if someone on this list had a higher IQ than us :)
The idea is, that I've gotten permission to make a cron(tab) entry, that 
launches the mud when the computer restarts from a cold/warmboot thing.
I discarded the idea of making it launch in the rc.d files, as it would 
then run as another 'users' proccess, causing vain to my files :-\

The system is Linix something, and teh mud is situated in 
/mud2/con/bin/ConMUD.exe (the homedir is thus: /mud2/con )
Anyone able to help me on how to establish a cron entry would be much 


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       Student, B.Sc in Computer Science and Business Administration. 

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