Re: cron(tab) used to autolaunch the MUD

From: Hades (
Date: 05/23/96

> Hi all.
> Neither I, nor my site admin is very intelligent, so I thought I could=20
> try and see, if someone on this list had a higher IQ than us :)
> The idea is, that I've gotten permission to make a cron(tab) entry, that=20
> launches the mud when the computer restarts from a cold/warmboot thing.
> I discarded the idea of making it launch in the rc.d files, as it would=20
> then run as another 'users' proccess, causing vain to my files :-\
> The system is Linix something, and teh mud is situated in=20
> /mud2/con/bin/ConMUD.exe (the homedir is thus: /mud2/con )
> Anyone able to help me on how to establish a cron entry would be much=20
> appreciated.

ConMUD.exe? On linux? Whatever...

My crontab looks like this:
*/5 * * * * /home/mud/circle/checkmud

the */5 says every 5 minutes, and the other number of *'s might be wrong,
douiblecheck how many there should be.

checkmud is a script I set up, here's a copy of it:


if ps -x|grep -v grep |grep "autorun"
  cd /home/mud/circle
  autorun &

basically it checks for an autorun process, and if there is one, then it
quits... if not, it runs autorun. Easy.

ANy other questions, I'd be glad toi help... and if your sysadmin is such a
dolt, think you could talk him into letting me run my mud there as well? I
have ram I could donate and I know a ton about admining... could help you
both out :)


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