RE: Pfiles

From: George (
Date: 05/26/96

For pfile wipe:
1) Remove the file 'players' from lib/etc
2) Run the mud and log in

You'll be made imp.  And, if anyone perchance logs in before you, just
shut the mud down (from shell, i.e. kill), delete the pfile and try again!

For raising levels: (What I did, not too hard)
1) Raise the levels, add a function:
2) Compile the mud
3) Run the mud and log in
4) type 'fixme' and SAVE
5) shutdown mud, remove 'fixme'
6) recompile, rerun

All done! :)

-George Greer
of the Dragon'Spire MUD bpl11 @
(Rather not have too many people online at once) :)

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