Re: Pfile Wipe.

From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 05/26/96

> setting the advance command to lvl-immort and trying to raise myself
> or another char to a level higher than my current level--No Dice

Im gonna try to be nice about this.
Learn to code CiecleMUD

at your shell prompt:
  grep -in do_advance *.[ch]

Youll see that the do_advance command is in act.wizard.c

look through the do_advance command. You'll see the piece where it says 
if the level im trying to advance to is greater then the level i 
currently am, exit this function. comment it out.

Theres a few other things, if im trying to go past IMPL, if the person im 
trying to advance is greater then me, etc ......

If you cant figure it out, hire a C programmer.

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