Trouble with gdb

From: Con (
Date: 05/28/96


I just recently got the mud I'm imp'ing moved from a SunOS site to a 
Linux one. The mud itself works fine, excluding the crashes I get.
Now it seems that the mud crashes on some lame things, like the cure 
poinson spell, and that was when I decided to fire up gdb.

At a first glance everything seemed to be allright, I got the mud running 
on a test port, and reconstructed the crash, but then I got played for a 
sucker *sigh*
I got some totaly rediculous information from gdb, which I think is 
useless in itself. This is what I got:

#0   0x4003623b in yel ()
#1   .......... in yel ()
#2   .......... in yel ()
#3   .......... in buf ()  (the ...'s beeing a hex adress ofcourse).
Cannot access memory at adress ..........

A little system info:
Linux   v 1.3.32
GDB     v 4.14
Gcc     v 2.7.2

I use -g in the compilation phase of the mud, so I should get the debug 
infrmation in, that should tell me about where in the code/what 
procedures etc. it crashed in... but I only get the above stuff..

Any help on thsi subject is appreciated.


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