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Date: 05/28/96

The way I did it was to create a new PLR flag.  I made a race of 
gargoyles, and I am trying to make the mud as realistic as it can be.  So 
as gargoyles go, and it becomes daytime, they turn into stone.  I made a 
void and it calls it when the time changes.

To do this I mimiced the PLR_FROZEN flag, and everywhere it was called.  
The new flag i made was PLR_STONE and then I allowed them certain 
commands, unlike frozen where you can't do anything.  You also have to 
put in a few other checks for fighting that I have been real busy and 
haven't gotten around to doing yet.

If anyone else has a better idea on how to do this I'm open to new ideas.

Hope this helps.

On Mon, 27 May 1996, Chris Anderson wrote:

>  Ok, I have a spell that sets up an Affect wooden bit...
> Now I am currently working through two ways of making this work, and 
> wondering the best possible way..
> I want to make it KINd of like the freeze command.. where all movemnet is 
> ceased. 
> I tried to make the spell aff_MAXMOVE, and all it  seems to do is remove the 
> original move points, no added points.. I want to be able to keep the person 
> from moving, because they are petrified...
> Now, I also want to keep them from attacking other people as well.. they are 
> like a tree.. they shouldn't be able to attack..
> Or do very much damage.. I have started by adding a check in a lot of 
> commands that checks for this wooden thing..
> The reason for the bit, is so that fire spells will have a greater effect on 
> the person being woodd, and things like small swords will only do so much..
> (ever try to cut down an oak tree by hacking at it with a dagger? Never work 
> out too good..)
> Is there an easier way to do this? How can I call the AFF without placing 
> checks all over the place.. I am preatty sure that it is a BIG waste of 
> space constantly checking everything..
> Any ideas?
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