Re: Compiling while mud is up.

From: Eric Soderquist (
Date: 05/28/96

>Is it possible in circle3 to configure it so that you can compile certain files
>while the mud is running (i mean, if I alter a file that is only going to
>cause one file to be compiled instead of all)?
>The error i get when compiling while running, is text file is busy, so it
>sounds possible. =)

Yep, it is definately possible :)

The easiest way I've found to do it is to:

1) Edit your Makefile, so that it makes bin/circle1 instead of bin/circle.
That way it actually writes to a file other than bin/circle when it
compiles.  Just basically scan through your Makefile and look for any
instance of bin/circle and replace it with bin/circle1... no biggie.

2)  Edit the autorun script so that every time the mud is rebooted (either
from a crash or from a 'shutdown reboot'), it renames the new version
(circle1) to circle and then boots the mud.  I also have it make a backup
copy of my previous version, just in case I need to fall back...  Here is
what I added to the autorun script; put these lines somewhere right before
it launches the mud (the 'bin/circle $FLAGS $PORT >> syslog 2>&1' line ).

cp bin/circle bin/circle.backup     <-- Here I backup my previous version...
mv bin/circle1 bin/circle              <-- And now move any new version (if
there is one) to bin/circle...

If there is nothing new, the bin/circle remains intact and the mud is
rebooted normally; if there is a new version, it only takes a 25 second
reboot of the mud to get that new version.  It saves immense amounts of
time :)

Hope this helps,

Cirrus -- IMP of BlackVortexMUD, currently under development

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