Re: Compiling while mud is up.

From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 05/29/96

On Wed, 29 May 1996, George wrote:

> > > 1) Edit your Makefile, so that it makes bin/circle1 instead of bin/circle.
> > > That way it actually writes to a file other than bin/circle when it
> > > compiles.  Just basically scan through your Makefile and look for any
> > > instance of bin/circle and replace it with bin/circle1... no biggie.
> Much easier to just rename your main file to circle5 for example and then
> change one line in your autorun file.

An easier way (IMO), is to have the Makefile mv or rm the bin/circle 
file (before linking), then link it.  This will work with most unixes 
where you get "Text file busy" trying to overwrite a running executable.
I know at least it works for Linux, as it doesn't unlink bin/circle 
file until after it's not used anymore (If you didn't understand this 
last line, ignore it :)

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