Problem with OasisOLC: saving mobs
Date: 05/29/96

For some reason brand new mobs edited (unchanged after they were created 
by the olc except one thing) crash the mud when they are saved 
internally.  The only change ive made is added a new E-spec case in 
medit.c for "NumAttacks".  I also added all of the appropriate things in 
the medit.c file so that a field for Num Attacks and showed up in the 
medit menu and they could be set.  At first whne one of my builders 
reported this bug i thought that my new additions caused it but when i 
edit any mob that was already in the world files and even change around 
their number of attacks they save fine.  If it matters also matters i 
added a section in db.c where is initializes a mob_proto[i] for weight 
etc to mob_proto[i].mob_specials.saved.num_attacks = 1.  Here is the gdb 
output and code that seems to be crashing it:

0x63e68 in free_unlocked ()
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x63e68 in free_unlocked ()
#1  0x63c94 in free ()
#2  0x57058 in medit_save_internally (d=0x109ed0) at medit.c:238
#3  0x57e50 in medit_parse (d=0x109ed0, arg=0xeffff6a0 "y") at medit.c:566
#4  0x40d6c in nanny (d=0x109ed0, arg=0xeffff6a0 "y") at interpreter.c:1293
#5  0x124a8 in game_loop (mother_desc=6) at comm.c:607
#6  0x11af8 in init_game (port=4111) at comm.c:244
#7  0x11a7c in main (argc=4, argv=0xeffffd24) at comm.c:214

    /*. Replace tables .*/
    free(mob_proto);    <------   Line 238
    mob_index = new_index;
    mob_proto = new_proto;


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