Re: Strange bug with trans command

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 05/30/96

> I have discovered a very nasty bug, and my backups semm to have it
> as well, so I cannot recover.
> When I use the trans command, the mud crashes.
> I haven't changed any code related to this command, nor have I altered
> the pfile structures in any way. Has anyon ehad this [prob?

Have you tried using 'trans' on an unmodified copy of Circle?  Did 'trans'
always work in the past for you but recently started crashing?  These
would indicate that some code change you've made has caused the crash.
If you've made any changes to the code which modify the world structure,
character structure (not playerfile but character), or the code in handler.c
which inserts/extracts characters into/from rooms, those changes all might
have caused your crashes.

Also it's impossible to diagnose your problem unless you provide some
additional information such as a core dump.


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