Re: Strange bug with trans command

From: David Blocher (
Date: 05/30/96

>> I have discovered a very nasty bug, and my backups semm to have it
>> as well, so I cannot recover.
>> When I use the trans command, the mud crashes.
>> I haven't changed any code related to this command, nor have I altered
>> the pfile structures in any way. Has anyon ehad this [prob?
>Have you tried using 'trans' on an unmodified copy of Circle?  Did 'trans'
>always work in the past for you but recently started crashing?  These
>would indicate that some code change you've made has caused the crash.
>If you've made any changes to the code which modify the world structure,
>character structure (not playerfile but character), or the code in handler.c
>which inserts/extracts characters into/from rooms, those changes all might
>have caused your crashes.
>Also it's impossible to diagnose your problem unless you provide some
>additional information such as a core dump.
This sounds sort of like a problem I had earlier with goto, and stat.
It turned out to be a mob with null name.
And it depended whether what you were searching for was before the bad mob.
*sigh* (that bug had me scratching my head for a while)
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