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From: David Blocher (
Date: 05/30/96

>I have read the documents carefully and I see that the list of Object 
>Affect Fields does not have a location for a a spell to be on  an item, 
>like a simple ring that makes you invisible or boots that make you fly.  
>I have noticed when looking at some object files for other muds that 
>their Fields list goes to a higher number than the last one on my list 
>(24).  Are higher number here but not implemented or is this something I 
>am going to have to code?  Any ideas?
Well I have done this on our mud twice, and differently each time.
1) You can make use of one of the unimplemented item_type (maybe you could
even add one) and use the values of the object for which affects to apply to
the char when they wear it.
Problem with this is the item can't also be armor (however and can apply a
armor bonus)

2) This is a more drastic change and I don't encourage it to be taken
lightly, but I added extra bitvector for almost every bitvector in char_data
(and in obj_data for that matter)  This required a player file wipe but I
would have lost of room for expanision. So while I was clearing the player
file I also added obj_affect bitvectors to match my player
affect_bitvectors.  I then had to add these bitvectors to the obj file
format.  Once item is equipped it checked if it had any obj_affects and
affected the player.  

this is the real short and sweet of how to attempt something like that.  I
can look in my new and old code for specific examples if you like.
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