Re: Needed: Opinions on the CircleMUD Documentation Project

From: Steve Wilson (
Date: 05/30/96

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Jeremy Elson wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm starting work on the CircleMUD Documentation Project, which is really
> just a fancy name for "I'm writing a lot of docs for Circle which people
> have been asking for since the beginning of time."
> The CDP is available at:

Looks good so far.  May want to make sure the Circle 3.0 code
is "ripe" enough for this.  Major code changes before standard 
release of 3.0 would mean more time spent updating the "cdp". 
Not like I see any, but you had mentioned that as a warning to
beta users.  OLC completion only thing lacking b4 release?

> So, here are my questions:
> 1- To coders: The cross-ref that I described above is available on the
>    Web now, at the above URL.  Pplease take a look and tell me if you think
>    it's useful.  It would take a lot of work, but I can add comments at the
>    beginning of each function and for the global variables that will then be
>    included in the cross-referenced list (i.e., there will be a description
>    of what each function and variable does).  Is it worth it?

Sure, couldn't hurt.  But, noticing the flood of howto requests
on the Circle mail-list, basic howto docs are in demand too:
["A day in the life" stuff  :) ]
1) Add a class
2) Add a skill
3) Add a spell
4) Add/associate a special proc
5) Add a command
6) Add a communication channel/bulletin board
7) Add levels
8) I'm sure there's enough emailed suggestions to fill this slot

--Have these somehow associated with coding.doc
  (separate sections for each one?)

--Include step-by-step modification instructions
  (ie which files and where?)

"Whatta relief" this could be on the Circle mail-list ... :)
> 2- To builders:  There's also an HTML-ized version of building.doc there.
>    Comments welcome.  Any other building docs you'd need to build an area?

People appear pretty content.  Just OLC concerns, but what's new eh?

> 3- To everyone: If you have any suggestions, or (even better) contributions
>    to this area, please let me know!

Documentation..most time-consuming :(
Will try to help during the summer as time allows.

> CircleMUD has been severely deficient in the documentation department for
> a very long time and I hope this project will finally fix that.  Contributions
> are welcome!

Understatement of the Year!..heh heh (dry, but good humor)

> In particular, yes, I'm going to finish coding.doc very soon. :)


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Just tried to be reasonable about the whole thing.

Good luck,
Steve Wilson

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