Adding New Classes

From: Che Lucero (
Date: 05/30/96

Ok here are teh Files that you must edit to add new classes (for those of you that are going mad like i have been.)
act.offensive.c:277:  if (GET_CLASS(ch) != CLASS_WARRIOR) {
act.offensive.c:341:  if (GET_CLASS(ch) != CLASS_WARRIOR)
act.offensive.c:342:    send_to_char("But only true warriors can do this!", ch);
act.offensive.c:377:  if (GET_CLASS(ch) != CLASS_WARRIOR) {
autoeq.patch:199:+        !(IS_WARRIOR(ch) &&
castle.c:457:/* Also allowes warrior-class to practice */
class.c:45:  "Warrior",
class.c:78:    return CLASS_WARRIOR;
class.c:173:  {CLASS_WARRIOR,   3021,   SCMD_EAST},
class.c:182:  {CLASS_WARRIOR,   21023,  SCMD_SOUTH},
class.c:213:/* WARRIOR */
class.c:278:  case CLASS_WARRIOR:
class.c:322:  case CLASS_WARRIOR:
class.c:377:  case CLASS_WARRIOR:
class.c:441:      (IS_OBJ_STAT(obj, ITEM_ANTI_WARRIOR) && IS_WARRIOR(ch)) ||
class.c:521:  /* WARRIORS */
class.c:522:  spell_level(SKILL_KICK, CLASS_WARRIOR, 1);
class.c:523:  spell_level(SKILL_RESCUE, CLASS_WARRIOR, 3);
class.c:524:  spell_level(SKILL_TRACK, CLASS_WARRIOR, 9);
class.c:525:  spell_level(SKILL_BASH, CLASS_WARRIOR, 12);
class.c:646:  {"the Warrior", "the Warrior", 32000},
constants.c:357:  "!WARRIOR",
db.c:896:     * the warrior save table.
magic.c:145:  {                         /* Warriors */
magic.c:180:  if (IS_NPC(ch)) /* NPCs use warrior tables according to some book */
magic.c:181:    save = saving_throws[CLASS_WARRIOR][type][(int) GET_LEVEL(ch)];
shop.c:78:      (IS_WARRIOR(ch) && NOTRADE_WARRIOR(shop_nr))) {
shop.h:78:#define TRADE_NOWARRIOR               64
shop.h:145:     "Warrior",
spec_assign.c:241:5402 - Guildmaster (Warrior)
spec_assign.c:245:5458 - Guildguard (Warrior)
structs.h:82:#define CLASS_WARRIOR     3
structs.h:317:#define ITEM_ANTI_WARRIOR  (1 << 15)      /* Not usable by warriors       */
utils.h:417:#define IS_WARRIOR(ch)              (!IS_NPC(ch) && \
utils.h:418:                            (GET_CLASS(ch) == CLASS_WARRIOR))

obviously not all of those are valid.. but thats what i got when i grep -in warrior *[ch] and those files are the ones
you must change...

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