CODE: Newbie Eq Question Response

From: George (
Date: 05/30/96

/* Some initializations for characters, including initial skills */
void do_start(struct char_data * ch)
  void advance_level(struct char_data * ch);
  void equip_char(struct char_data * ch, struct obj_data * obj, int pos);
  void obj_to_char(struct obj_data * object, struct char_data * ch);
  struct obj_data *read_object(long nr, int type);


  /* Give eq to newbies */
  obj_to_char(read_object(25057, VIRTUAL), ch); /* waterskin */
  obj_to_char(read_object(25058, VIRTUAL), ch); /* bread */
  obj_to_char(read_object(25058, VIRTUAL), ch); /* bread */

 /* training dagger */
    equip_char(ch, read_object(25050, VIRTUAL), WEAR_WIELD);
 /* training jacket */
    equip_char(ch, read_object(25054, VIRTUAL), WEAR_BODY);
 /* training spellbook */
    equip_char(ch, read_object(25055, VIRTUAL), WEAR_HOLD);
    GET_GOLD(ch) = number(100, 200);
  [snip, you get the idea]

Substitute your own numbers for the 250xx above, try some of the objects
in Midgard or make your own like I did.  And if you do make your own
objects, make sure the objects are in the mini-mud zones or it'll seg
fault if you make a newbie there.

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