Re: CODE: Newbie Eq Question Response

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 05/31/96

	Well, I've done this before (actually several times), and here's
the way I think was best:


  struct obj_data *obj, *bag;
  obj_num r_num;
  int i, j;

  /* In the following table:
   * vnum = Virtual number of object to give to them
   * number = Amount of objects to give to them
   * wear = -2 to put in bag, -1 to inventory, otherwise it's a WEAR_xxx
   * Fill in your own numbers; { -1, 0, 0 } must be last, though
   * AND the first entry MUST be the bag object if you wish to use
   * -2 in the wear slot
  int eq[][3] = {
    { vnum, number, wear },
    { -1, 0, 0 }

  for (i = 0; eq[i][0] != -1; i++) {
    if ((r_num = real_object(eq[i][0])) < 0)
    obj = read_object(r_num, REAL);

    if (i == 0) { /* bag object */
      bag = obj;
      obj_to_char(bag, ch);

    for (j = 0; j < eq[i][1]; j++)
      if (eq[i][3] == -2 && bag)
        obj_to_obj(obj, bag);
      else if (eq[i][3] == -1)
        obj_to_char(obj, ch);
      else if (eq[i][3] > 0 && eq[i][3] < NUM_WEARS)
        equip_char(ch, obj, eq[i][3]);

--(end snip)--

	Anyway, this is off the top of my head done in my mailer, but it's
essentially the way I way I did it. It worked nicely: checked to make sure
the object existed before trying to do anything with it, and it only took
one addition to an array to have a new object load.  The only shortcoming
was that it only supports one object that serve as the bag where things
with -2 wear are placed.

	Also, it might be nice o do:

#define WEAR_IN_BAG	-2

	Before the do_start function or whatever function you decide to
place this in (I gave it it's own function because I have an ACMD function
that calls it [it's a command that allows a player to re-equip themselves
with the weak newbie equipment once in their entire character's life time
(I set a PLR_REPLACE bit when they're created and remove it when they
use the REPLACE command) -- this gives a newbie a bit of a chance to still
succeed if they die]).

	Also, if you #define the two suggested above, after the do_start
(or whatever function), do:

#undef WEAR_IN_BAG

	Anyway, good luck, have fun... :)

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