Re: Needed: Opinions on the CircleMUD Documentation Project

From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 05/31/96

On Fri, 31 May 1996, Angus A. Mezick wrote:
> I just tried generation the cxref on my own and got the following message:
[snip of warnings]
> the command line was cxref -ctf cxr.out *.c
>  know what I was doing wrong?

I dunno about that, but you are using (I think) a version of cxref that 
was made in 1985 (That was the best I could find for outputting it in 
ascii text).  You should get the new one (cxref-1.1.tgz) from or something like that (or was it 

> On another note, I love the page you are setting up Jeremy.  The cross-ref
> section looks great.  How did you get it so wonderfully HTML'ed?  The

The new cxref will output either html or latex depending on what you want.
Unfortunately it doesn't output in ascii tho..

> comments you were pondering would be useful, but that type of thing is
> mostly just good for tracking the flow of the code, and backtracking your
> way up to the game loop.  

I think it's probably a waste of time, unless someone has a lot of spare 
time to waste writing the comments.  If it is to be done, someone other 
than Jeremy should do it IMO.

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