Re: Win95 autorun

From: Tarot (
Date: 06/01/96

First of all I made a mistake!  you need to replace the ; with the word rem
Ex: rem Restart.  I forgot what language I was using.

The files are not created, I found them but I have not been able to get them
to write.  You don't need them anyway with the errorlevels.

Yes 1 is not the crash errorlevel.  I used errorlevel 1 for crash because I
have not found the crash exit yet, I'm still working on it. (As I type)

To get the pause write a small program that does nothing for say 60 seconds
then teminates,  Below I have modified the bat file to call the pause program.

rem Reboot
if errorlevel=52 goto pause
rem Crash
if errorlevel=1 goto main
rem Normal ShutDown
if errorlevel=0 goto down
rem Else Restart
goto main
rem pause is a program you must write.
goto main

>	It might be nice to have this act somewhat like the standard
>CircleMUD autorun and not only check for errorlevels, but check for the
>files created by 'shutdown' (hm, are those created?  Last time I checked
>they were named .fastboot, etc. and I'm not sure if Win95 supports those)
>Also errorlevel 1 isn't a crash, it's an exit when the game cannot create
>a socket, bind a socket, open a file, etc., etc.

>	Also, is their any way to get it to pause for some time?  In the
>autorun for CircleMUD it has pausing between reboots to allow descriptors,
>etc. to die out so it doesn't get any problems while trying to create the
>socket, etc.  Not sure if the same thing is neccessary for Win95.
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