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From: Hades (
Date: 06/01/96

> This is a bit of a newbie question in C programming but i just wanna make sure of what it is.
> ...
> in act.offensive.c..
>    277    if (GET_CLASS(ch) != CLASS_WARRIOR) {
>    278      send_to_char("You'd better leave all the martial arts to fighters.\r\n", ch);
>    279      return;
>    280    }
> on line 277 --- how would i make it so that it could also be a CLASS_DEMON that could do it? just add a || != CLASS_DEMON? or what...
> thanx.
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> wanna-be-coder/Imp/Builder of The Shadow Lands
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It doesnt seem to make sense... if it's not a warrior AND a demon do it...

A cleric is not a warrior and it's not a demon... 1 & 1 is true

A warrior is NOT not a warrior and is not a demon, that a 0 & 1 they both
have to be true...

If you put ||, no one will ever get to do it because if they are a warrior,
they arent a demon, so it'll say Nope, and not let them do it.

That made no sense... anyway, trust me. :)

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