Re: zones that cause seg faults

From: Hades (
Date: 06/01/96

> I was just wondering . I have hopefully looked over this area I have. it
> is caled
> minotaur village . I have rewrote the zone file , mob file, object file
> and world file but it is still giving me a error like Fdread_format errot
> or something close to it. Does the circle 2.2 code , can you only have
> like 64 zones at your max or can you have up to 300. What do you thing is
> causing the crash or where I shou;d be looking to resolve this problem. oh
> yes forgot to say also that it said at or near zone #99999 in the syslog
> log file. 
> Thanks to whom can ever help me out here. 
> Hades IMP of Excalibur Mud.

Sacrilidge! I am the only Hades! You shall be olbiterated from the face of
the free world! :P

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