Re: Mob Programs

From: Chris Anderson (
Date: 06/02/96

>This prog is not working
>newbie monster~
>the newbie monster~
>The newbie monster stands here looking confused.  Kill him!  Kill him!
>What an odd looking little beast.  He looks harmless, but you never can
>tell.  He is only about 4 feet tall, but he pretty muscular looking...
>maybe you should ask if he needs help?  Nah... kill him.
>68 0 0 S
>2 19 9 2d4+16 1d4+1
>250 400
>8 8 1
>>rand_prog 90~
>if rand(50)
>	say Hey $r, do you know what 'you are standing' means?
>The newbie never says Hey $r, do you know what 'you are standing' means?
>but when I remove the if rand(50) he says it every time.
>why doesn't he say it with the if rand(50) ?
Ok, what is happening in this program? 

The first call you are making is that if it rands 90% of the time the 
program is executed..

then the second call is if it rands over 505 of the time, then run that 

So thortically, you're satement may only come out at maximum 45% of the 
time. IT dosent mean that it will however..

You could just change the rand (90) to rand (50) and do it amyway..

Or you could add extra statements like

if rand (50)       
        say blah blah blah blah
or if rand 60 
        say blah blah blah bleh blah
or if rand 80 
        say bleh blah bleh blah

And I think that you don't need to include () 's around the numbers...

But as I have stated.. check my web-site for updated docs on MobProgs..

I haven't used them other than to check them out to make sure they work..

Zippy the Wonderslug

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