Re: Mob Programs

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/02/96

On Fri, 31 May 1996, Christopher Nicodemus wrote:

> >rand_prog 90~
> if rand(50)
> 	say Hey $r, do you know what 'you are standing' means?
> endif
> ~
> |
> The newbie never says Hey $r, do you know what 'you are standing' means?
> but when I remove the if rand(50) he says it every time.
> why doesn't he say it with the if rand(50) ?

Actually the program is working fine.  Basically think of it this way.
The rand_prog checks if a random number is < 90, if it is then it does
what comes next.  Then you have the 'if rand(50)' which checks if a new
random number is < 50.  It's just chance that it's not showing the
message because of the double random check.  If it's < 90, then it rols
again, then it does the if -- rolls a new random number, if it's < 50 then
it shows the message.

Isn't that, though, a very poor implementation?  It's repeative, and what
does the $r code do?

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