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From: Che Lucero (
Date: 06/02/96

Ok so everythings working beautiflly i got a few programs to wrk.. now i have a problem that is driving me nutz.

Lets see if you can get this one Zippy :)

in 80.mob i have two mobs (2 dwarfs male and female versions) and at the end of both i have a
>in_file_prog calls_guard.prg~

and i have a guard mob one of his keyworkds being  "helper" (without the quotes obviously)

and the last line of that mobs section is...
>in_file_prog guard.prg~

Now to the actuall problem...
Here is the calls_guard.prg....

>fight_prog 100~
mpat helper mpechoat helper Rescue_please        <----- i had lower case at first but when you echo it becomes upper case...
then a tilda and a pipe... 
then in guard.prg....
     1  >act_prog p Rescue_please~
     2   if isfight($i)
     3    tell $n sorry but i'm a bit busy right now
     4   else
     5    mpgoto $n
     6    mpecho $I has come to the aid of $N!
     7    assist $n
     8   endif
     9  ~
    10  |

is the problem that it doesnt know who echoed it? i would think it would have with the mpechoat command...
anyway plz help!

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