Re: mob Programs

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/02/96

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Che Lucero wrote:

> in 80.mob i have two mobs (2 dwarfs male and female versions) and at the end of both i have a
> >in_file_prog calls_guard.prg~
> |
> >in_file_prog guard.prg~
> |
> >fight_prog 100~
> mpat helper mpechoat helper Rescue_please        <----- i had lower
                                                          case at first
                                                          but when you
                                                          echo it becomes
                                                          upper case...
> then a tilda and a pipe... 
> then in guard.prg....
>      1  >act_prog p Rescue_please~
>      2   if isfight($i)
>      3    tell $n sorry but i'm a bit busy right now
>      4   else
>      5    mpgoto $n
>      6    mpecho $I has come to the aid of $N!
>      7    assist $n
>      8   endif
>      9  ~
>     10  |

Three things, $N and $n are different.  Line 6 should be:

  mpecho $I has come to the aid of $n!

Wouldn't it be better to have the mobile summoning the guards teleport the
guards to the place?  Then have the mob echo at the guard.  The guard
would receive the echo, and assist $n.

Also, make sure the person asking for assistance is a NPC.  If you don't,
you'll have PCs that will be able to kill a lot -- including other
players.  This is an especially bad cheat when players would only want eq.
They could start the fight, enlist the help of a guard, and then flee.
They would then get the eq without getting so much as scratched.  If they
want exp, they flee, come back, and assist the guard.  The player might
get the last hit and exp.  This is just a really bad cheat.  So make sure
your helpers aren't too helpful.


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