Re: Multiple Start Rooms

From: Brian Menges (
Date: 06/05/96

>What version of circle are you using?  If you are running patch level 11
>just set the players loodroom when they quit...
>David Blocher                       E-mail:
>"In Search of Dead Solid Perfect"

   I tried this as follows (in act.other.c):


    send_to_char("Goodbye, friend.. Come back soon!\r\n", ch);

--> GET_LOADROOM(ch) = mortal_recall_room;

     * kill off all sockets connected to the same player as the one who is
     * trying to quit.  Helps to maintain sanity as well as prevent duping.
    for (d = descriptor_list; d; d = next_d) {


However, I encounter the problem of renting at the receptionist.  Even when
renting the players appear at the mortal_recall_room.  I guess I could add a
loadroom there as well but this seems kinda messy to me.  Is there anyway to
change the enter room when the player enters the game instead of setting it
when the player leaves?

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